Shane Martin

Head Coach

Dragnum is lucky have a coach who has raced on Canada’s National dragon boat team! Most recently, he earned a spot on the 2017 team, which was in Kunming, China in October. He came home from China with a bronze, 3 silver, and 4 gold medals! At the World’s in Hungary in 2013, Shane’s Canada crew won 3 gold and 1 bronze medal, and at the 2015 World’s in Welland, they came away with gold in all four categories.

In addition to his commitment to the National Team, he has raced and coached at the Club Crew World’s in Italy 2014 and Malaysia 2008. He has raced at the Canadian Nationals several times, including with False Creek (FCRCC Premier) in 2015 and Pickering Premier in 2017. In addition to Nationals, 2017 also included the Dragon Boat Pan Am Championships in Puerto Rico, and then on to China for Worlds.

From these experiences, as well as the training he did to get there, he has had the fortune of himself being coached by the best coaches in the country. The experience he is able to bring to Dragnum as a result is invaluable.

Shane loves paddling, and in addition to his own impressive endeavours, has been a member of the Calgary Dragon Boat Society Board since its inception. The Society has spent countless hours behind the scenes to ensure that we have dragon boating in Calgary and have a festival to be proud of.

What Shane looks for in a paddler is someone with a great attitude, who is dedicated to improving. You can be brand new to the sport, but genuinely love being active and fit and want to learn. You can also be very experienced and looking for great workouts, skills improvement, and being a part of an awesome team!